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Are you looking to give your pool a unique and imaginative design? Look no further than Lazy Day Pools! Our team, led by Kevin Kersten, is committed to providing exceptional pool construction services to help you and your family create the pool of your dreams. In addition to constructing traditional concrete pools, we also specialize in the creation of luxurious spas. Take a look at our list of optional extras to add even more flair to your pool. Trust us, your backyard will become the envy of the neighborhood!




- On-site consultation with complimentary quote.

- Customized product options presented during on-site visit.
- Personalized quote delivered within two business days of on-site visit.


- After you accept the quote, we will submit all necessary paperwork for approval.
- Once QBCC insurance, plans, and approvals are obtained, a construction start date will be confirmed


- Excavation will be scheduled upon approval.
- Steel fixing will commence immediately following excavation.
- Concrete pool shell will be sprayed and require a curing period of 14 days before proceeding.
• Plumbing and filtration will be completed at this stage.
- Tiling and surrounding construction, including fencing, will commence upon completion of curing.
- Fencing will be certified and pebble-creting will be completed.


- Chemical Handover and pool is completed!
- Time for a swim!

Looking For Something Extra?

Infinity Edges – also called negative or vanishing edge pools, are a luxurious and visually stunning addition to any backyard. Our team at Lazy Day Pools specializes in designing and installing these modern pools, creating a dramatic visual effect and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Contact us to bring the beauty and allure of an infinity edge pool to your home.

Pool Heating – Maximize the value of your pool investment by extending its use to all seasons with a heat pump. Heat pumps are a cost-effective and energy efficient method of heating your pool, and have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirements compared to gas heaters. With a heat pump, you can maintain a comfortable swimming temperature in your pool year-round.

Fresh Water Naked System – The NKD-R Freshwater System utilizes natural mineral compounds, similar to those found in natural springs, to purify and sanitize the water. These minerals, specifically copper and silver, act as a residual sanitizer, eliminating the need for additional chlorine. As a result, the water produced by the system closely resembles that of a typical household tap.

Water Features/Deck Jets – Enhance your swimming experience by adding a water feature to your pool with Kevin. We specialize in creating feature walls, deck jets and other custom designs to suit your specific needs and preferences!

Waterline Tile Band – Waterline tiles are a recommended component of a pool, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. These tiles are installed along the waterline of the pool, providing a visually pleasing boundary. The tiles act as a barrier, preventing the buildup of calcium and other mineral deposits, which can cause damage to the pool’s walls and surfaces over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose concrete instead of fibre-glass? – When considering building materials, concrete stands out as the superior choice over fiberglass. One of the primary benefits of using concrete is its durability and longevity, which ensures that your investment will stand the test of time. In contrast, fiberglass is prone to wear and tear and may require frequent repairs. Additionally, concrete can be customized to fit any size or shape and can be used in a variety of ground conditions, including on slopes. This flexibility and adaptability make concrete the ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects.

What about ground movement? – Our engineers take into account ground conditions during the design process. They will determine the necessary measures, such as the use of double steel, footings, and screw piers, to ensure stability and prevent ground movement.

What pool finishes are available – When considering pool finishes, it is important to consider both cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. One of the most popular options among homeowners is Pebble Crete, which offers a wide range of color options such as blue, green, and white. Additionally, for those seeking a smoother finish, Pebble Crete can be upgraded to glass bead. Another premium option is a fully tiled finish, which provides a luxurious and elegant aesthetic with a deep color.

Does Lazy Day do surrounds? – Lazy Day provides some surround services as well as working with other industry professionals to achieve your desired backyard results. We also have recommendations for other professionals to ensure that all of your backyard needs are met.

We look forward to creating your dream pool!

Quality Guaranteed

We strive to maintain competitive pricing while never compromising on quality. We carefully select only the best materials and contractors for the job, who are experts in their field and hold all necessary licenses. Our customers’ satisfaction is crucial to the success of our business. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote to bring your pool project to life, whether it be a modern and sophisticated design or a natural and seamless integration with your landscape.